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Anton Moldovan @AntyaDev: Adopting F# at SBTech

In this talk, I will share our experience of adopting F# at SBTech. Will cover such topics:

August Lilleaas: Datomic — The Functional Database

Datomic is a brand new kind of database. Queries runs on the client/app, not on the database server. It writes data to other databases, instead of implementing its own storage engine. It has a completely different API for reads vs. writes. And it’s single threaded (and, believe it or not, this is an amazing idea). This will be a quick run-through of Datomic and why the aforementioned things are not just good, but great!

Kostiantyn Rybnikov @ko_bx: Idris for Haskell Developers

The purpose of the talk is to give the audience familiar with Haskell a good taste of Idris. Often we are put off by an idea of learning yet another language (like Haskell wasn’t enough!). But Idris is unique in a sense that experience of studying it for somebody already familiar with Haskell has a blazingly fast liftoff until you hit the dependently-typed wall, but that’s where the fun part begins.

Spoiler alert! If you are already committed to reading the “Type-Driven Development with Idris” book by Edwin Brady, and you hate spoilers (I don’t) — beware.

Sergey Bushnyak @sigrlami: Practical Frontend with Haskell and Reflex FRP

I’ll show how to build shared structures between frontend and backend in Haskell and how to write frontend separately staying within functional concepts.

Bohdan Liesnikov @phittacus: Measuring Haskell Performance

A lightning talk on performance measurements.

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